Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Exterior wood surfaces are exposed to a variety of harsh elements. Ultraviolet rays, rain, sleet and snow all contribute to damaging those surfaces. You have several choices when evaluating exterior wood coatings for siding and trim. Many choices will offer trade-offs with respect to translucency, frequency of maintenance, ease or difficulty of application, preparation required, and so forth. Some species will have specific coating requirements, especially dense hardwoods, and not all coatings are appropriate for all situations. The coatings listed below have all performed extremely well for us and our clients over the years, and each has it's own distinct features.

Please contact us for assistance in choosing the best product for your specific project. Our wood care specialists can help you protect your investment with expert advice and high quality products direct from the following wood coatings manufacturers:

One TIME Natural Finish for Log Homes, Decks, Wood Siding, Docks, Exotic Hardwood, Timbers, Fencing, Shakes, and Garden Furniture. Long Lasting and Low maintenance.
Structures Wood Care Satin Finish for Log Homes, Wood Siding, Timbers, Fencing and Garden Furniture, Entry Doors and Garage Doors.
Sikkens Oil-Based Satin Finish for Log Homes, Wood Siding, Timbers, Garden Furniture, Entry Doors, Garage Doors
Waterlox Hardwood Flooring, Exotic Hardwood Decking, Entry Doors and Garage Doors, Garden Furniture. Use when a clear finish is desired.

The overwhelming principle we want to impart is that wood loves water. Unsealed wood will absorb moisture any chance it gets. Unsealed saw cuts, and uncoated concealed wood leads to a legacy of costly maintenance that can be easily avoided if we follow 3 principles during construction:

1. All end grain (saw cuts) must be sealed with a water-proofer, wood sealer, or glue if we want to avoid unneeded moisture intrusion and deterioration. The cost of backside and end-grain sealing during construction is offset fivefold or more over the expected life of the structure.

2. We must use a coating that is flexible and breathable to insure that trapped moisture does not cause coating failure (See Spar Varnish).

3. Seek to choose a coating appropriate for the UV sunlight exposure given the particular species of wood, while considering client expectations and maintenance capabilities.

We feature
cleaners, strippers, wood brighteners and all the tools necessary to make your deck and all the wood surfaces on your home look vibrant.

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I need to repair some of the siding panels on my home. This winter a tree on my property came down and crunched my siding. Since the siding is dented inward, it seems to be hard to pop off each individual panel in order to replace them.

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